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Brainstorm Designs has evolved into one of the most diverse and creative groups around.
   From its roots in children’s products and toy inventions, we have touched the entire spectrum of creative services including:
   Brand licensing and development
   Premium and promotion creation
   Package design
   Character development
   Consumer product design
   Syndicated puzzle-making
   Television show development and story boards.
   DVD production
   Website development
   and more...!

BSD-creating since 1992

“We dare you to find a more creative force.”

By constantly asking, “What if....?” we are always pushing ourselves to solve our clients’ needs and to have the most unique and creative solutions.
   We believe the diversity of our skills and projects helps us to explore solutions above and beyond our clients’ wishes. Take a look inside and see for yourself. Please understand you are only seeing a very small percentage of what we have created.​

Creative, Design, Development, Cartooning and Consulting

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